Quality Management

This research line aims to generate and disseminate knowledge related to quality management, including a systemic approach aimed at the whole organisation and specific practices related to the quality of products, processes, and services. The main research topics in quality management include quality planning, control, and improvement at different levels (company, processes, and routines). These topics can be investigated in a single company or a chain/network of companies. Given its multidisciplinary nature, Quality Management research includes related topics, such as lean production, innovation, knowledge management, servitization, digital transformation, Industry 4.0, and customer experience.

Faculty members who teach Quality Management

Permanent faculty members who comprise the Quality Management line of research are:

Specific courses in Quality Management 

The courses that are included in the Quality Management research line are:

Research Groups of faculty members in Quality Management 

The Quality Management line of research consists of faculty members from the following research groups registered in the CNPq directory, whose leaders are permanent lecturers on the Program: