"I believe that academic training directly leads to improvements in people's quality of life. During my 4 years at PPGEP I was trained as a competent, critical and autonomous researcher, with solid bases and theoretical and practical foundations. This training opened up new opportunities outside Brazil and enabled me to participate in innovative and challenging research projects. In addition, it also led me to discover new cultures, learn new languages and establish professional and personal relationships with people in different parts of the world!"
Pedro Luis Miranda Lugo, from Colombia, did a PhD at PPGEP and is currently doing post-doctoral studies at CIRRELT and GERAD, two renowned research centres in the field of operational, logistics and transport research based in Montreal, Canada.

"PPGEP offered me the possibility to study a quality postgraduate course with the lecturers, a possibility that I did not have in my country!"
Juan Sebastián Poveda Gulfo, Colombian, did his master’s degree at PPGEP and works in the Planning Department at Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia.

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