The PSPLab (Laboratory of Ergonomics, Simulation and Production Situation Design) joins together the methodological and conceptual articulations developed, accumulated within the Ergo & Ação Groups (Teaching, Research and Extension Group in Ergonomics and Work Design) and Simucad (Teaching Group, Research and Extension in Simulation and Applied Graphical Computation in Production Situation Design), founded in 1995 at the Industrial Engineering Department at UFSCar. The Teaching, Research and Extension activities developed by the groups in national and multinational company partnerships consolidate the infrastructure of the laboratory and all the research carried out over the last 20 years.

The PSPLab integrates practical and theoretical knowledge in scientific and technological production (theses, articles, patents, products and software) allied to and derived from teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students (Master's and Doctoral degrees). Production is based on the conceptual bases of ergonomics, simulation and engineering design, creating new fields of reflection and application. In particular, it is one of the laboratory's objectives to disseminate high-cost methodologies and technologies used in conjunction with partners who have a greater financial capacity for other sectors of the economy. From these, technologies concerning virtual manufacturing and simulation aimed at production situation design, work and use stand out. Our mission is to produce knowledge and technology in the field of production engineering for a sustainable society.

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