GEPAI - Agribusiness Study and Research Group

The Agribusiness Study and Research Group (GEPAI) was created in the Industrial Engineering Department at UFSCar in March 1994. The origin of the group is linked to the creation of the undergraduate course in Agribusiness Production Engineering (EPAI, in portuguese) in 1993. The group carries out research related to agribusiness analysis and management. The following are areas studied in GEPAI: the study of production chains, production planning and control, cost analysis and control, logistics, quality management, marketing, industrial strategy and new product development methodologies. Currently, the group has seven teaching staff members from the Graduate Program in Industrial Engineering at the Industrial Engineering Department at UFSCar. These academic and teaching staff members are responsible for supervising many students studying for their doctorate, master's, and scientific initiation in agribusiness. Throughout its existence, GEPAI researchers have been able to capture, manage, implement and participate in numerous research and extension projects funded by national and international institutions.
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