GEEOP - Production Strategy and Organisation Research Group

The group's activities are based on the topics of Production Organisation Strategy and Forms. In its current form, the group intends to be interdisciplinary in the area of Production Engineering. It joins together researchers from different backgrounds (Strategic Planning, Production Strategy, Quality Management, Organisational Theory and Organisation and Work Design) and aims to study restructuring segments of the Brazilian economy (the automobile industry has been extensively studied to date), new configurations of industrial chains, strategies and forms of production organisation adopted by the companies in these chains. The group has recently concluded a number of studies on supply chains for automotive engine manufacturers in Brazil. In addition, the group also studies strategy and production organisation in sectors such as ceramics and white linings. Since the beginning of these studies, its members have participated in scientific congresses in Brazil and abroad and have established exchanges with other similar groups. The expectation is that the academic results of this activity will multiply as the group (as an interdisciplinary group) consolidates.


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