DynProd Group - Dynamics of production systems and supply chains

Dynamics is the study of variables, behaviour, or situations that vary over time. In this research group, the production systems and supply chains are studied according to this dynamic perspective, using dynamic modeling and simulation methods.  This approach allows the development of production systems (and PPC systems) with feedback control and autonomous control, which are the foundations of the smart systems of Industry 4.0. In addition to this primary focus of Research, which is quantitative, qualitative Research is also developed in the following areas: production planning and control, supply chain, sustainability, operations strategy, and engineering education. Our group is flexible and diverse in terms of background and research methods. The dynamic modeling methods are diverse. The most well known in Production Engineering is System Dynamics (Forrester, 1960), but other exciting methods stem from Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. Therefore, some of the DynProd group projects are multidisciplinary and count on international collaboration of researchers from Slovenia, Germany and The Netherlands

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Contact: juliana@dep.ufscar.br