Financial Aid

There are no fees in our master and doctoral programs. Additionally, qualified students may apply for financial assistance in the form of scholarships through the following calls:

  • Scholarships that are exclusive for foreigners (external link).
  • Scholarships funded by the Brazilian councils CAPES and CNPq, which are managed by our programs. Any full-time student, Brazilian or not, may apply to these scholarships and there is a committee that analyses these applications once a year. The number of scholarships varies from year to year, but on average the top XX doctoral and YY master students receive these scholarships every year. Read more about the Process to award Scholarships to Regular Students. Download the Form Registration for the Scholarship Award Process.
  • Scholarships from independent funding councils, e.g. FAPESP. These scholarships must be requested by the student and his/her supervisor directly to the funding council. You should talk to your supervisor about this possibility.

These scholarships consist of monthly payments made directly to the student, according to the values specified by each council. Click here to know more about the values related to CAPES and CNPQ; and click here for the values related to FAPESP scholarships.

In addition to these regular scholarships, students may apply to the following special calls:

  • Sandwich doctoral program. This scholarship is for students that want to develop part of their studies in Universities outside Brazil. It is typically a short research visit, from three to six months, and must be related to the students’ research project and approved by their supervisors. There is one call per year for this type of scholarship offered by CAPES. Also, students with a regular scholarship from FAPESP, may apply any time for this other type of scholarship as well, directly to FAPESP.
  • PRINT UFSCar (external link)