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Welcoming Program for UFSCar international students (Orbis)

The "Orbis Program (external link)" is an initiative of UFSCar to develop a general policy for welcoming international students. We understand that welcoming involves a set of guidelines, strategies, and actions whose objective is to provide institutional support to students and researchers from other countries.

Among these actions are:

  1. facilitating access to information;
  2. general guidelines on different aspects of academic life;
  3. integration activities with the UFSCar community.

What steps should I take before traveling to Brazil?

The Student Visa (external link) (Temporary Visa, IV: as a student) can be granted for stays of up to 365 days in Brazil, and Students accepted or enrolled in undergraduate or graduate courses recognized by the Ministry of Education (MEC) in Brazil. The beneficiaries,   students with Temporary Visa, IV, cannot have an employment contract in Brazil.

Under the new immigration law, visitors have the right to stay in Brazil for up to (ninety) days. The documentation required for the visa application depends on the applicant's country of origin and the purpose of his / her arrival. Consult the nearest consular post to find out what the requirements are in your country.

Important notes:

  • HOUSING: Find a place for temporary (or permanent) housing through consultations with specialized websites, student associations, and pages on social networks;
  • ARRIVAL: We recommend that the interested party arrive at least two weeks in advance of the beginning of the academic calendar or start of activities to regularize their situation in Brazil with the Federal Police and open a bank account, if necessary;
  • INTRODUCE YOURSELF: All international visitors must report to the General Secretariat for International Relations to receive initial information and guidance. Contact: Phone: (55) (16) 3351-8402; e-mail:;
  • BANKING OPERATIONS: For financial transactions (opening a bank account, receiving various bills, etc.), the interested party must arrange with the Brazilian consular sector in their country of origin the issuance of the CPF (Cadastro de Pessoa Física);
  • VACCINATION: The National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) recommends that those interested should be vaccinated against yellow fever (because the state of São Paulo is considered a risk area);
  • HEALTH: All interested parties should consult the terms of the notices/calls considering their requirements. However, We recommend that interested parties take out health insurance with repatriation before they arrived in Brazil.

Language Support

UFSCar has language support services for international students and researchers. Through the activities of the Language Institute (IL), interested parties can participate in:

  • Sequential courses in Portuguese as a Foreign Language (PLE);
  • Thematic workshops;
  • TANDEM (practice Brazilian Portuguese with a native speaker);
  • Translations and revisions.

More information at: (external link)
Phone: (55) (16) 3306-6747