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Lean and Six Sigma Initiatives in the Food Industry in Brazil and the USA

Professors Moacir Godinho Filho and Gilberto Miller Devós Ganga participated in the research “Lean and Six Sigma Initiatives in the Food Industry”, a multi-lateral project (BR-USA), involving Professor Lawrence Fredendall from Clemson University (USA). The objective was to explore the relevance of adopting Lean & Six Sigma initiatives in the food industry. The research project involved the academic Doctoral research of Luana Bonome Message Costa. It was funded by a CAPES PhD scholarship and a CAPES International scholarship (PDSE – Doctoral Sandwich Program Abroad). The academic production of this project resulted in articles published in high-impact journals of selective editorial policy which can be accessed in the lattes curricula of the aforementioned researchers. We wrote an executive research report (Portuguese .pdf 1.3MB). This report is aimed at professionals linked to food industries in Brazil.