Software and Applications

Innovation Management Support System (SAGIN)

SAGIN is an Innovation Management Support system. The development project for this technology was coordinated by Profa. Ana Lúcia Vitale Torkomian and operated by the master´s student Pedro César Zavitoski and a staff member, Victor Prado (FAI/UFSCar). The system was developed within the scope of research activities at Program (line of research -Technology and Innovation Management) to meet a set of demands from the Institutional Support Foundation for Scientific and Technological Development at the Federal University of São Carlos (FAI-UFSCar). SAGIN considers the following functionalities: (i) registration and control of the Intellectual Property portfolio of patents, brands, software, cultivars and industrial design; (ii) control of information for the technology transfer sector; (iii) control of administrative processes and (iv) information management. FAI-UFSCar adopted SAGIN as a management system for its Innovation Agency in 2017. There is evidence that the system has contributed significantly to increasing the foundation's organisational efficiency, contributing to better coordination and control of processes and information. Therefore, the impacts of technology affect the whole community (faculty members, technical staff, students, private organisations and public agents) that use the services of FAI-UFSCar. This technology was developed at PPGEP/UFSCar and coordinated by the program's faculty member and, clearly, it generated spin-off and socioeconomic benefits for a wide range of social agents.

LogHum - Decision support tool in Humanitarian Logistics

LogHum is a tool to support decision making in Humanitarian Logistics, developed by Prof. Pedro Munari and by the student, Alfredo Daniel Moreno Arteaga. The tool was developed in 2017 by Francielly Marinho (undergraduate student at Industrial Engineering Department/UFSCar) and Alfredo Daniel Moreno Arteaga (doctoral student at Program) under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Pedro Munari. Prof. Dr. Douglas Alem (University of Edinburgh) also contributed to developing the tool. The tool was created within the scope of research activities of Program, in the line of research of Planning and Control of Production Systems. The tool was licensed under free copyright terms and implemented in Microsoft Excel and can be easily accessed and used at: (external link). LogHum can be used to solve problems of location and distribution of supplies in disaster response operations, as well as be extended to other types of situations in humanitarian logistics. The mathematical model proposed and integrated with the tool helps disaster preparedness and response stages, integrating the decisions of locating help centres, supply distribution, sizing the fleet and allocating demand to the centers. Furthermore, due to the simplicity of the tool, it may be adopted by specialists in training and simulations of various types of disasters in Brazil. It should be mentioned that the tool has enormous potential to generate positive social impacts, such as reducing deaths from natural disasters, reducing costs in the distribution of supplies and greater efficiency in serving the affected locations.