• In October, Professor Moacir Godinho Filho was mentioned in the list of the 100,000 most influential scientists in the world. The blog A Ciência que nos Fazemos” (external link), conducted by a group of biologists and Federal University professors dedicated to educating new scientists and educators, published a study that analysed the world ranking of scientists. According to the blog, this ranking lists the 100,000 top scientists in the world, according to the databases used until 2019. The research was published in the Plos Biology journal on October 16, 2020. It was conducted by a team from Stanford University (USA), led by John Ioannidis and entitled: “Updated science-wide author databases of standardized citation indicators”. The information also shows that citations from the Scopus database were used, which updates the position of scientists in two rankings: the impact of the researcher throughout the career (Table-S6-career-2019) and; 2) the impact of the researcher in a single year, in this case 2019 (Table-S7-singleyr-2019). In consulting the list, the group found 600 scientists from Brazilian institutions and among them, researchers in Production Engineering. Access the study and tables (external link). ProfessorMoacir was among the 17 researchers in Production Engineering in Brazil mentioned in the list, as praised by ABEPRO.
  • In June, Professor Reinaldo Morábito was congratulated as “Senior Researcher at ABEPRO” in recognition of his contribution to the scientific community of Production Engineering. The distinction was awarded by the Brazilian Association of Production Engineering (ABEPRO) at the opening of the XXV National Meeting of Coordinators of Production Engineering Courses (ENCEP), held in Itajubá-MG.
  • The graduate Mateus Pereira Martin, supervised by Professor Reinaldo Morábito, was a finalist for the Thesis Award of the Brazilian Society for Operational Research (SOBRAPO), during the “52nd Brazilian Symposium on Operational Research”, which took place from 3 to 5 November 2020. The aforementioned graduate received an honorable mention (according to place) for the thesis “Problemas de corte guilhotinado e restrito: formulações matemáticas e métodos de solução”, defended in 2019.