The Graduate Program Coordination is formed by the Coordination and the Graduate Commission (CPG in Portuguese). The Graduate Program Coordination is responsible for managing teaching, scientific and administrative activities related to the Postgraduate Program.

The Coordination will be exercised by a Coordinator and the respective Vice Coordinator, who are responsible for supervising and coordinating the activities of the Postgraduate Program in accordance with the CPGPEP guidelines.

The CPG, the Program deliberative body, is responsible for coordinating and supervising all the activities of the Program. It consists of the Coordinator and Vice Coordinator, a faculty member representing each research line and a student representative, who is enrolled as a regular student. All of these bodies are assisted by the Administration.

Prof. Moacir Godinho Filho

Vice coordinator
Prof. Glauco Henrique de Souza Mendes

Representative of the Production Planning and Control Systems Line of Research
Prof. Gustavo Franco Barbosa

Representative of the Quality Management Line of Research
Prof. Dr. Pedro Carlos Oprime

Representative of the Agrichain Management Line of Research
Prof. Dr. Mário Otávio Batalha

Representative of the Technology and Innovation Management Line of Research 
Profa. Dra. Ana Lúcia Vitale Torkomian

Representative of the Technological and Organisational Dynamics Line of Research
Prof. Dr. João Alberto Camarotto

Student Representative
Not yet defined

Administrative staff
Lucas Gomes Duarte
Robson Lopes dos Santos