The Graduate Program in Industrial Engineering at the Federal University of São Carlos is one of the pioneers and most recognised academic Master´s and Doctoral programs in the field of Production Engineering in Brazil. Known for having a standard of national and international excellence, it is currently rated “level 5” by the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES) from the Ministry of Education (MEC).

Since it was founded in 1993, 597 Master´s students and 305 Doctorate students have graduated from Graduate program in the main areas of Industrial Engineering. Graduate program researchers have developed innovative research that explores the interfaces and complementarities of technological dynamics and organisation management, manufacturing chains, and regions. 

This multi-perspective of interests and research topics demands the participation of complementary knowledge to those that work in the main areas of Industrial Engineering. Therefore, in addition to those who have graduated in Industrial Engineering, professionals in the fields of Administration, Economics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Social and Health Sciences, Agrarian Sciences, among others, have found Graduate Program in Industrial Engineering the ideal place to develop their research. The intra and multidisciplinary approach that arises from this unique characteristic of the Program creates a melting pot of ideas, views, and methods that result in research that results in developing policies, strategies, programs, and actions aimed at agents and organisational arrangements ranging from companies to supply chains, economic sectors or government institutions.

The faculty members are highly qualified.  They hold doctorate degrees and are full time.  They have vast experience in teaching, outreach, supervising students, and developing scientific and technological research. The vast majority of the researchers at Program have international experience, either in their doctoral training or as invited researchers to work at Universities in the United States and various other countries in Europe and Latin America.

The Graduate Program in Industrial Engineering infrastructure is spacious and modern and has its own reception area, air-conditioned classrooms, auditorium, and specialised laboratories, which provide full support for cutting-edge research. Much of the research carried out by master's and doctoral students take place within the research groups, which exchange ideas, as well as academic and social interaction between faculty and students. Thus, the Program research groups help to provide what is essential and necessary for developing quality research.

The Graduate Program in Industrial Engineering has approximately 45 scholarships, funded by CAPES and CNPq. These scholarships allow scholarship students to work solely towards their research. Occasionally, in specific situations, master's and doctoral students may be integrated into projects developed within the scope of the research groups in which they participate. This integration is healthy and strongly encouraged by Program.

It is also worth mentioning the multiple opportunities for academic exchange between Program faculty and students at universities from other countries. Doing a doctorate with a combined internship abroad is strongly recommended and desirable. Funding for internships abroad granted by development agencies such as CAPES, FAPESP and CNPq can be requested.

Come and develop your master’s or Doctorate degree at The Graduate Program in Industrial Engineering and be part of a team that makes a difference in the national and international Production Engineering community!